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August 21, 2019 1 min read

America LAST Under Koch Conglomerate’s Lobbying Interests

A new book details how the Koch empire conspired to sway economic policy in favor of mass immigration and free trade to drive down wages and derive financial benefit by cutting middle-class Americans out of the picture. 

Many are starting to think that laws for employers need to be more stringent, becauseweeks after the Mississippi ICE raids, no employers have been charged, and people are starting to ask questions. 

The Trump administration has revealed plans to detain families together longer in an effort to avoid releasing them or separating them due to pressure from leftists who will never be satisfied until full open borders in a new “America” is realized.

What the media will never touch is the fact that the border is a bastion of contagious foreign diseases entering our country, the likes of which would’ve been shipped back immediately during the Ellis Island era of immigration.

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