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Biden, Beto, & Bill Bombing Badly

September 23, 2019 1 min read

Biden, Beto, & Bill Bombing Badly

Biden, Beto, & Bill Bombing Badly

As details developed over the weekend, Biden’s caught red-handed extorting Ukraine with U.S. money in a bombshell story that involves Trump, Biden’s son, and a Ukrainian prosecutor who got wrongfully fired.

Responding to his claim that he’s going to take our AR-15s, one awesome mom told Beto to his face “hell no, you’re not”, blasting little Frannie O’Rourke in a courageous and spot-on speech at one of his public rallies.

After a short and laughable attempt at a Presidential campaign, Bill de Blasio dropped from the running, but there’s still one resignation we’d like to see.