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Controversy Explodes With ADL & #1 YouTuber

September 13, 2019 1 min read

Controversy Explodes With ADL & #1 YouTuber

Controversy Explodes With ADL & #1 YouTuber

While unboxing his trophy from YouTube for hitting the 100 million subscriber milestone, gaming streamer PewDiePie announced a very strange and very random donation to the ADL, who previously targeted him & cost him a Disney contract.

After thousands of comments jokingly telling him to blink twice if he’s being held hostage, PewDiePie retracted his donation and explained the reason for the odd choice of “charity”, claiming ignorance of the group’s history of destructive, hateful attacks on free speech.

A few months back, the ADL came under fire for their fraudulent report on so-called “right-wing” crimes that was really just a rook to use against Trump; but they’re still successful because they ignore outside critics and simply plow ahead in their deception.