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Daily News Roundup - 7/15/19

July 15, 2019 2 min read

Daily News Roundup - 7/15/19

The Left Spends the Weekend Raging Against Law and Order

It was a bad weekend to be ICE, as the left attacked multiple facilities in attempts to disrupt the detention of illegal aliens. It started on Friday, when protestors hoisted up a Mexican flag on US government property in an act of defiance and conquest. 

Then, a man commits suicide by cop in a daring solo attack on an ICE facility, proving these Antifa lunatics are as dangerous as they are smelly.

This is just a couple weeks after Jewish protestors begged for bail money after being arrested for attacks on ICE in Elizabeth, NJ. The radical ‘Never Again Action’ group is committed to preventing a second holocaust by breaking criminals out of ICE holding facilities.


Republicans Finally Stepping Up To the Plate?

As tensions reach a boiling point, Trump finally says what we’re all thinking, putting leftists into a tail-spin. They’re practically tripping over themselves to virtue signal about condemning imaginary racism, with headlines and social media posts trying to knife Trump dominating the discourse.

After his trip to the border last week, Lindsay Graham breaks down the immigration crisis and introduces a new bill that would curb the flow of “asylum” seekers through the border. A large number of “families” are fraudulent, and people from Syria and the Middle East are even being caught trying to sneak through.

AOC got BTFO’d by former ICE chief on Friday after she tried to defend illegal border crossings in a hilarious exchange that left her, for once, without words.

Biden Gets Broiled, Baked, and Eaten for Lunch

Joe Biden was unwittingly confronted by border hoppers on Friday after a campaign moment went awry. The stunned Biden looked almost as defeated as he did a few weeks ago when Kamala Harris slam-dunked on him with her tall tale about being bussed to school.

One has to wonder why the Democrats have reversed course, especially since there’s ample evidence that all these Democratic big-wigs were talking tough on border security only a few years ago.

It seems the border crisis isn’t limited to America asAfrican immigrants storm the Parisian Pantheon to demand free stuff in shocking footage from this weekend.

Bits And Pieces

Acosta buckles under pressure and announced that he will resign amidst the scandal of Epstein’s sweetheart deal.

Millenials discovered Area 51 last week, and now the internet is going crazy with talk of a raid on the notorious facility that’s prompted the government to respond with threats of lethal response. The memes have been gold, but this one’s our favorite.

Sunday brought the news that James Bond will now be a black female in the new remake of the movie in a diversity-reach so completely absurd we haven’t quite seen anything like it. Does this explain the sudden attention-grabbing move?

Jesse Lee Peterson breaks down the viral video of black teens looting a Philly Walgreens on July 4th in this spot-on analysis.