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July 16, 2019 2 min read


Trump Absolutely KO’s Ungrateful Leftists

President Trump ducked the media’s same tired hook and hit them with a one-two knockout yesterday after a blowout over his Tweet telling the four congresswomen of the apocalypse to go back where they came from. The White House held a special event whereupon Trump blasted Omar and kindly invited them to leave….again.

And, as expected, the media became extra salty afterTrump gives press seats to independent journalists, like Mark Dice and Joy Villa, who were there supporting the President. 

On top of that, the administration announced major changes coming to the asylum system that could potentially stop the unmitigated flow of illegal aliens through our borders.

Democrats Protect Their Violent Antifa Footsoldiers

After a weekend of far-left subverters firebombing ICE facilities and hoisting the Mexican flag up at them, high-profile Democrats like AOC refused to condemn anti-American terror inspired by their own words.

More information came out about the Antifa member who stormed an ICE facility over the weekend; his scary manifesto detailed how he would “miss the rest of the revolution”.

Shaun King called the dead ICE attacker a “martyr” in a disturbing Tweet today. The Black Lives Matter activist also known as Talcum X called the attack an attempt to “liberate imprisoned refugees” in a delusional yet hilarious attempt to be relevant.

 ‘Antifa Supersoldiers’ might sound like a meme, but it’s becoming a reality as more and more leftists prepare for violent conflict with anyone they deem a “fascist”, which is everyone to the right of Che Guevara.

Presidential Candidates Race to Beat Themselves

Our favorite 2020 candidates have been busy trying to prove how woke they are, as even Joe Biden tries to leverage Trump’s momentum to make up ground. Even though Biden is likely the establishment’s pick, we’re not sure he can take too many more hits.

The Irishman with the identity crisis Robert “Beto” O’Rourke confesses to the mortal sin of slave ownership in an ironic twist, revealing that both he and his wife are descended from confirmed slave owners. Weird flex, but okay.