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July 18, 2019 2 min read


Divide Deepens Between Parties 

Mudslinging Intensifies As GOP Hits Back

Senator Kennedy slammed the Squad and their drama as a “freak show” on a great segment with Tucker Carlson. The Republicans—with the exception of 4—all had Trump’s back this week as the Democrats went on the attack. 

At a rally in North Carolina yesterday, an energized MAGA crowd chanted “send her back!” as Trump slammed Omar for her anti-American attitude.

Despite the backlash against her and her fellow jihadis, Omar still won’t disavow her hateful comments. In a recent interview, she denied regretting the many comments that have landed her in hot water.

Earlier in the day, Trump called attention to Omar’s shady marriage to someone purported to be her brother.


Immigration Backlash as Americans Wake Up

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw saw backlash on social media by his own followers after supporting House bill 1044 that would almost DOUBLE the amount of foreign workers let into the country. Dan Crenshaw responded to Youtuber James Allsup’s comment by saying “educate yourself”, so Allsup breaks down the bill and why H1B visas are hurting American workers.

Meanwhile, California continues battling the effects of Democrat policies as 22MS-13 gang members are charged in brutal killings that ranged from dismemberment to one victim even having his heart cut out. But remember that if you don’t want them here, you’re a racist. 

They still don’t get that Americans DON’T want unrestrained immigration, especially from ungrateful haters, and polls show that support for Trump has gone up since controversial tweets. What reason is there for them to stay?


Transphobe Leana Wen Denies That Men Can Get Pregnant

The notorious abortion mill ousted President Leana Wen within a year of her tenure, apparently because she wasn’t being inclusive about transgender abortions (read: pretending men can have babies). That’ll teach her to be a transphobic bigot! 

This happens as Trump literally defunds Planned Parenthood as the administration announced this week it would immediately begin withholding federal funds from baby-kill-mills and reappropriate it towards pregnancy centers and places that actually help women instead of exploiting them.

Let’s not forget that a lot of abortion clinics have been complicit in sexual abuse and covered up for pedophiles by destroying the evidence and telling no one. 

...Which is exactly why creepy Uncle Joe Biden’s healthcare plan would solidify abortion “rights” and allow young girls to be victimized by people just like him.