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July 22, 2019 2 min read


Fallout Over Squad’s Drama Continues
One of the positive aspects of the growing feud between the fringe left and Trump is that he called attention to Ilhan Omar’s obscure past of bigamy and deception. The media quietly buried information that proves wrongdoing and has been trying to discredit those talking about the investigations by authorities.
After Israeli officials announced they would indeed allow Omar to visit the country despite her notorious support for BDS legislation, Larry Elder called Omar out with a hilarious alternate travel itinerary.

Ben Shapiro called Trump supporters ‘vile’ after they chanted ‘send her back’ at a rally last week, claiming that she doesn’t deserve deportation for her radical views. Obviously, we disagree.
And trying to piggyback off the hate mob created by the left,Beto and de Blasio retweeted a hate hoax to frame Trump for racism and push their leftist policies. It’s totally working, and we’re only, like, 3 more accusations of racism away from accepting open borders! 

Like a woman scorned, Omarosa says Trump wants a race war in a laughable commentary that makes one wonder what world she’s living in. The left has continuously agitated racial tensions, and ironically, that’s exactly what Omarosa is doing.
Iran Conquers Oil Tankers For Allah
Things escalated quickly over the weekend when Iran seized a British oil tanker and hoisted their flag up as a sign of conquest. Released audio and photographs capture the scary act in progress.

Footage shows Iran broadcasting the Islamic call to prayer from the seized tanker in an eerie video that’s been noticeably absent from mainstream media coverage.
UK’s Jeremy Hunt called the seizures “dangerous” in a response that highlights the risk of conflict between the West and Iran if aggressions continue.

America Victimized by Weak Laws, Porous Borders

The divisive battle over immigration continues, and a mayor spoke out about illegals in American hometowns as we undergo one of the greatest population migrations of human history. 

The asylum crisis has an uncertain future as Mexico tries to avoid ‘safe third country’ laws that would change the ability of illegal immigrants to simply step foot on American soil and claim asylum. 

The White House tweeted Friday about a meth smuggler caught at the border by authorities in Arizona, highlighting the urgent need for border security. 

Meanwhile, actress Natalie Portman compares illegal immigrants to Anne Frank in a perplexing Instagram post. We can’t overlook the irony of liberals wanting to allow the same criminals terrorizing Central America to have save passage here to terrorize us.

Even an angel mom called out Kamala Harris and got banned in yet another encroachment by Big Tech to censor the truth and change the narrative about illegal immigration by silencing its victims.

There are reports that people are buying children to cross the border with, but there’s no crisis on the border, right?