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July 25, 2019 2 min read


Who Put A Hit Out On Epstein?

Sex offender and current guest of the federal prison system Jeffrey Epstein was found injured in his cell yesterday, as was predicted by almost everyone following his connection to a certain White House family.

Though a suicide attempt hasn’t been ruled out, some are speculating eerie coincidences could imply a conspiracy to execute Epstein, and police are questioning a suspect. 

One outlet reported this week that Trump stole Epstein's mansion and outed him as a sexual predator to police, resulting in the infamously weak sentence that caused Labor Secretary Acosta to resign.


Talking Donkey Mueller Makes An Ass Of Himself
In a grand personification of the Democrat Party, Mueller crashed and burned over and over at the hearings about the Russia hoax. 
Mueller didn’t even know what Fusion GPS was, despite it being the firm that produced the “dossier” that prompted the entire investigation.
This is prompting to many to ask the obvious question: Did Mueller even write the Mueller report?

Babylon Bee nails the satire once again with this hilarious headline about the doddering desperado, and this meme sums up Mueller’s strange behavior in the entire fiasco.


Hate Hoax Exposed & Omar Promotes Profiling White Men

Witnesses say Erica Thomas was actually the aggressor in the ridiculous scenario she described in a histrionic video that went viral this week. The video is one of many in a striking pattern of hate hoaxes that involves someone lying about being targeted for their race, religion, or sex, but the media never seems to report those revelations.

Resolute in her hatred, Ilhan Omar said we should be profiling white men and claimed they were responsible for hurting and killing people all over the country. Stoking the flames of racial hatred seems to be her top priority.

Just last week, Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson asked white people to apologize to black people in a disturbing yet hilarious event held on the campaign trail. If you ever wondered what kind of people vote for Democrats, here’s your answer.

Amid all the fake news, bad rhetoric, and hate hoaxes, the real issues fly under the radar, like the accused ISIS sniper who came to America on a “diversity” visa. We can expect a lot more to come if the Democrats get their way.