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July 26, 2019 3 min read


Walls Closing In On All Sides For Omar As Legal Battle Ensues

Yesterday a popular Twitter personality came out with intel on Omar’s connections to Qatari nationals and a plot against the President, Don Jr. Kushner, and others, constituting open subversion of a sitting President.

Legal group Judicial Watch has filed a complaint against Omar this week for the increasingly visible violations of fraud and deception she’s perpetuating on our country, and it looks like it won’t be long now before Omar is replaced.

Omar’s Israel-boycott legislation was shot down this week, being overwhelmingly rejected by all those who voted on it. Omar and her bill effectively turned our government into a proxy for foreign conflict, attempting to use America as a weapon for her own agenda.

Remember when Omar & co. made waves in Congress with anti-semitic remarks, and the House came out with a resolution against white supremacy as a response? Similarly, Bill de Blasio claimed that anti-semitism is a “right wing” thing, and denying that the left is responsible for any of it.
The left keeps claiming that the Trump crowd’s chant was racist, but is it racist to say Omar’s anti-American hatred has forfeited her right to be here?

3-Pronged Attack Launched At Big Tech’s Throat

Yesterday, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar introduced legislation to stop political censorship online by the tech giants notorious for banning conservative personalities and content in attempts to subvert political processes.

Earlier in the week, it was announced that theDOJ is launching their own probe into Tech shenanigans, looking for anti-trust violations and determining the fate of the bloated parasitic companies. 

Finally, 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is suing Google for $50 million over a claim they hid her content at the exact time she was a top search on the site during the debates several weeks ago.

Rampant Child Sexualization as ‘Ma’am’ in Waxing Lawsuit Plans Pedo Party

The “transgender” man involved in ‘Brazilian wax’ lawsuit wants to throw a pedo party with no parents at a local pool, inviting “gay” teens 12 and up to go topless with him. Parents are not allowed to keep the space “inclusive”, which sounds like Predator 101. 

It was also revealed the disturbed man wrote a series of disturbing comments about wanting to have sex with underage girls, and at this point, it’s completely unfathomable that this person is not being detained and charged.

The left has made no secret of their attack on the young girls it preys on for profit, so it comes as no surprise that an abortion clinic covered up underage sex abuse of girl who was forced to have 7 abortions by her abuser.

In one scary story, a mother sued the government for putting her underage son through a sex change without her consent despite him being a minor. In another story out of California, 10 year old girls race to put condoms on adult figures in an outrageous school “sex ed” scandal. 

Despite this, Joe Biden said he will prioritize gay “rights” and called the Trump administration “immoral” for not prostrating at the altar of child drag queens and sterilization.

Groups Flaunt Their Defiance Against ICE And Form Human Chain Around Deportee

A group of people in Tennesee formed a human chain around a van to prevent ICE from making an arrest in what can only be described as a blatant breaking of the law.

Many groups have begun to protest our laws, as an Israeli outlet reports, New York synagogues are banding together to shelter people from ICE raids. 

Even the U.S. Marines have their hand in the honey pot as 16 Marines are charged with offenses like human smuggling and trafficking along the border. Arrests of active-duty military personnel very recently sparked a wider investigation, uncovering a larger ring of actors in Camp Pendleton, CA.

A week ago, a group of almost 50 migrants rushed the border in an attack on Border Patrol that escalated into serious physical conflict.