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July 31, 2019 3 min read


Bernie Promises Free Health Care For Illegals While Beto Pushes Reparations

Bernie and Fauxcahontas teamed up as fellow radicals enduring hooks and jabs from other candidates about being too extreme to be electable.

Bullock taunted Bernie for wanting to ‘repeal and replace’, making a good reference to the Democrats’ abandonment of Obamacare in favor of a radical globalist healthcare system.

California just approved free healthcare for illegal immigrants to the tune of $98 million, with doctors taking pay cuts and an increasingly overburdened system doomed to collapse. 

Ahead of the debates yesterday, Bernie met with a former stripper who admitted to assaulting and robbing men, Cardi B, to discuss strategies for appealing to young voters. This is the future of the Democratic Party, and we should all be scared. 

On the other hand, Beto tried to bribe black people into voting for him by proudly stating that he would sign a bill to issue reparations for slavery. He’s pretty much begging at this point.

Not-So-Unexpected Guest Makes Surprise Cameo In Baltimore
large, furry rat ran through live coverage in Baltimore as the controversy around the squalid conditions found there grows, as does the feud between Trump and Cummings.
Professional fake news purveyors New York Times published a theory on why Trump started beef with Cummings, and it has to do with the left’s perpetual obsession with the Russia hoax.
Al Sharpton headed straight to Baltimore to collect a paycheck, and Trump’s comments have prompted further investigation into how Sharpton propelled himself to fame with hatred and violence in a shocking exposé of his lurid past.
Somali Muslims Arrested in AZ On Their Way To Join ISIS

In Arizona, two Somali refugees were arrested while trying to board a plane to Egypt so they could join ISIS, in an all-too-familiar scenario that highlights the grave problems with America’s lax asylum policies.

President Trump tweeted about this first thing in the morning, but it seems to have been noticeably absent from mainstream media reporting.

Ann Coulter pulls the curtain back on immigration and flushes out the irrationality of our immigration policy and how it lets ISIS fighters, MS-13 gang members, and every manner of unsavory character access the interior of our country.

In an absolutely hilarious video, open-borders advocates make up excuses to avoid bringing home an illegal immigrant desperately in need of care. Would you believe not even one of them spared as much as $20?

Court Battles Abound As Trump Touts Win Over DNC In Vindication-Tweet

judge dismissed a DNC lawsuit against Trump yesterday, prompting a victory lap from Trump on Twitter referencing the win in court. 

In the next up and coming attempt at targeting Trump with zealous litigiousness, California’s governor just signed a bill to mandate tax returns from Presidential candidates in order to appear on the ballot. This is expected to mark a new legal battle, as the unprecedented move will trigger a conflict with the federal government.

DOJ immunity agreements with Hillary’s lawyers were released this week as new details emerge about the special treatment of the Clinton posse during the investigation into her deleted e-mails.

Late last week, Nicholas Sandmann’s suit against the Washington Post was dismissed by a judge who claimed that the outlet didn’t paint him in a defamatory light in plain language—which is hard to imagine, since half the country was manipulated into vitriolic and even violent responses to the decontextualized clip of a young boy smirking.