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August 12, 2019 2 min read


Epstein’s Alleged Death Has Everyone Speculating, And Maxwell Might Talk

The world was rocked this weekend by the news that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was pronounced dead in his jail cell early Saturday morning, but a former inmate says there’s no way he could’ve killed himself.

Epstein’s exit from public accountability comes shortly after the release of court documents that detail the lurid accounts of Epstein & co

According to sources, Epstein’s partner is ready to talk and possibly reveal critical information about the goings-on of the suspected blackmail racket. We are sorry in advance for her untimely “suicide” that is bound to happen soon.

Many people are questioning why Epstein was taken off suicide watch, but the FBI is investigating the circumstances around the questionable story.

After the Epstein death this weekend, a leaked memo shows how trolls infiltrate and sway conservative groups with talking points about Trump being connected to the mysterious event.

Mystery Surrounds Dayton Shooter & Media Blackout

The Dayton shooter’s murdered sister was transgendered according to close friends and family, prompting everyone to take a second look at the face of the killer himself in light of his band being named “Menstrual Munchies”. 

The post-tragedy investigation is still ongoing, but authorities can’t unlock the Dayton shooter’s phone, which is undoubtedly a nightmarish trove of degeneracy.

In a move many are praising for safetyTexas has new laws allowing for more guns to be carried in pubic places that might be subject to target for mass shootings. 

The Babylon Bee’s hilarious satire article perfectly nails celebrities’ hypocrisy on gun control, and this remake of the Bourne series is one we’ddefinitely go see.

Anti-ICE Protestors Make A Scene In NYC

The group ‘Jews Against ICE’ struck at the heart of our immigration system, Amazon Books, amassing a large a group inside one of their stores yesterday in protest of America having borders.

While in Italy over the weekend—some speculate looking for his career—Richard Gere filmed himself on a migrant boat, and Salvini’s response was amazing

In a resurfaced article from justFebruary that’s now particularly frightening, Democrats rejected a law that would notify authorities when illegals tried to buy guns, just further proving that they care nothing for victims.

Biden Racing To Beat Himself In Weekend Of Blunders

Now officially known as the ‘gaffe machine’, Biden made another embarrassing slip, this time about Parkland, claiming he was VP when the shooting occurred in 2018. 

Last week, he mistakenly referenced Margaret Thatcher as a current world leader before catching himself, but it’s too little, too late.

Biden pledges increases in immigration while on the campaign trail, saying our nation could “easily absorb” another couple million people, blatantly ignoring the public works and infrastructure crises happening because of system overload. 

Baltimore Beef Coming To An End?...Or Just Getting Started?

Cummings says he wants Trump to come to Baltimore, according to remarks he made on Thursday, where he also said his district needs MORE funding, despite billions disappearing already.

We found out who REALLY started the Baltimore beef, and the answer is surprising. 

One of the best sights of the last few days is seeing Sharpton heckled in Baltimore by an old man whoclearly isn’t having any of the hate-for-profit that Reverend Al is peddling.