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August 15, 2019 2 min read


Released Medical Report Says Epstein Had Broken Neck

Breaking news last night revealed that a broken hyoid bone in Epstein’s neck could be consistent with homicide, according to released medical reports.

A source claims he knowswhy Epstein was taken off suicide watch, and the last thing he said to his lawyer before his alleged suicide on Saturday. 

A strange portrait of Bill Clinton in drag is said to be in Epstein’s mansion, according to a visitor who snapped a photo of the odd work.

Borders Are Bad Because A Little Girl Cried

Kamala Harris retweeted a viral video of a weepy illegal immigrant child as evidence of why borders are evil and orange man bad, but Harris got slammed for the left’s hypocritical whining about “family separation”

Anti-ICE protest blockade Rhode Island facility as the Jewish group “Never Again Action” vows to continue obstructing law enforcement in the name of preventing another holocaust.

It was reported that Never Again Action collaborated with Black Lives Matter and other groups for a far-left rally whereprotestors threatened ICE agents’ families the day before shots were fired at the facility

Lest you should think this is a fringe group, one of the organizers of the protests is running for Lt. Governor as a Democrat, and the Jewish activist who vows to destroy ICE tweeted out #IStandWithIlhan. Who wants to tell him?

Anderson Cooper said he’s “excited” for white people to become a minority, andapparently it’s only acceptable to acknowledge this if you’re “excited” about it; otherwise, it’s “white supremacist conspiracy theory”.

Philadelphia Hostage Standoff Ends With Gunman’s Surrender After 6 Cops Shot

What began as the execution of a narcotics warrant ended with multiple officers shot after a gunman holed up with hostages, and apparently the offender had multiple gun charges, yet shockingly chose to possess a firearm illegally anyway [end sarcasm].

One pundit points out how shooting statistics are being manipulated to fit the desired narrative, and this shooting will undoubtedly be one of them.

This week, Democrats sent out an eerie message about the Supreme Court, and how they plan on rigging it to take away every last shred of a right we have.