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August 19, 2019 3 min read


Portland Commerce Shuts Down As Antifa Brings Chaos

Thirteen were arrested as Antifa violently descended on Portland over the weekend, attacking a conservative rally as well as badgering the law enforcement on scene, who, thankfully, did their jobs.

Social media was littered with dystopian footage of masked attackers pepper-spraying people in a bus and shouting the scary things they wanted to do to “Nazis”. 

In a court victory against an Antifa princess, a judge ordered the far-left activist to pay Judicial Watch after she brought a frivolous suit forth to hide her identity.

Have a look at the 2020 Democrat candidates’ laughable responses when asked to denounce Antifa; some pretend they’ve never heard of them, others refuse to denounce them, and with others, it was like pulling teeth just for a vague disavowal of generic violence.

Media Setting Up White Men As Dangerous To Aid Gun Confiscation

young Connecticut man was arrested and charged for high-capacity magazines but is being painted as a “white nationalist” by leftist media after authorities say he shared a meme on social media about mass shootings, & exactly what he shared has not been revealed.

Another young man in Ohio was arrested after law enforcement raided his home for a video he posted online that authorities claim to depict him committing a mass shooting, and that content has not been released either.

A third man was arrested last week after explicitly laying out the details of his planned shooting, and the scary text messages he wrote have been released to the public, though they aren’t politically oriented at all. 

Nadler called back Democrat members early for anti-gun measures they hope to approve on September 4th that will restrict gun rights in America even more.

Gun laws like those in New York continue to do nothing to curb crime and everything to hurt law-abiding citizens, like the man who shot home intruders and is now facing a gun charge

Trump has had everyone on the edge of our seats waiting for either his support or disavowal on gun control, and the President pleased the crowd at an NH rally on Friday with his statements on who’s responsible for the gun crime: “a sick mind”

But there’s something hypocritical about the left’s position on gun crime, and it has to do with their willingness to forgive and forget certain types of offenders.

Ann Coulter said the painful words we hope Trump heard in a feisty response to a Tweet by the President about the Philly shooter’s long rap sheet and some questionable legislation that maybe wasn’t the best idea.

Photos Of Epstein’s Cohorts Reveal Strange Tendencies

Yesterday, released photos show Prince Andrew at Epstein’s NYC pedopad, waving off a young lady as if it were his own home.

A determination was made about his injuries, andEpstein’s death was officially ruled a suicide, but his lawyers aren’t buying it.

His estate has hired a high-profile coroner to conduct an independent autopsy: one Michael Baden, who’s been involved with the cases of JFK, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Nicole Brown Simpson, and the list goes on.

According to reports, Epstein spent time alone with a pretty blonde before his “suicide”, and witnesses can only speculate the worst about what happened in the locked room.

New accusers are suing Epstein’s estate for $100M, saying the sex trafficker targeted them at their place of employment and assaulted them on separate occasions.

Last week, a journalist took a strange photo of Epstein's “madam” mugging for the camera at a burger joint on the West Coast as the Epstein controversy unfolds, reading a book with a very weird title.