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August 07, 2019 2 min read


Platform Owner Says Manifesto Was NOT Posted By El Paso Shooter

The media has been silent about the fact that 8chan owner Jim Watkins says the El Paso Shooter did NOT post the manifesto on his platform, but rather another user did, and it’s unclear whoactually wrote it.  

8chan was taken offline in a scary move for free speech; the entire platform was kicked off its server within 2 days after the media reported that the manifesto was posted there by the shooter, which Watkins says is false.   

Yet, Muslimapologist, Reza Aslan qualified that ALL Trump supporters are white nationalists and need to be “eradicated”, in a shocking Tweet thatapparently doesn’t violate their ever-pliable Terms of Service.

Mexico’s president wants legal access to the El Paso shooter, claiming jurisdiction over the seven Mexican nationals that were confirmed to be among the dead over the weekend.

Mitch McConnell was trapped in his home as violent gun-control protestors yelled “stab him in the heart” in scary footage of the hate stirred up by the left, and the future of society if they get their way. 

In a Tweet late last night, Trump blasted Beto for pretending to be Hispanic and foreshadowed his visit to El Paso this week to meet with residents.

Trump Makes A Bold Move Against Venezuela’s Maduro

Flexing his muscles this week, Trump hit Maduro with a momentous embargo by executive order meant to pressure the leader to resign his position to the Interim President.

Kudlow backed Trump up on the economy making remarks about the tariffs, and he’s confident making China pay their fair share is a good move. 

The President blasted a Google rep who denied working with China in an Oval Office meeting, but Trump says he isn’t buying it.

Boy Scouts Caught In Pedo Scandal Bigger Than The Catholic Church

In a twist that everyone saw coming, theBoy Scouts are caught in a pedo cover-up that “dwarves” the RCC, according to a suit filed this week against the Boy Scouts of America by a legal team that represents the victims. 

The man who made headlines for suing the waxing parlor & being Canada’s resident pedo had his home searched by the RCMP—not for his sexual advances toward children, though, but for his unlicensed Taser.

Children are becoming increasingly unsafe with ubiquitous predators, and even a teacher gave third graders given books on transgenderism without parents’ knowledge, as was exposed recently. 

The paragon of pedophilia, Disney ran its first show featuring openly gay teens in the continued push to normalize fringe sexuality for children.