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August 09, 2019 2 min read


Leftists Using Anti-White Rhetoric To Mask Totalitarian Agendas

Elizabeth Warren jumped on the “Trump is a white supremacist” bandwagon with what read like a satire Tweet, and it seems almost ritualistic how all the Democratic candidates seem compelled to verbalize that phrase.

The Washington Post tried to tie free speech to white supremacy in a scary piece that highlights the sinister nature of this psychological warfare—and the need to defeat it.

An anti-gun “activist” asked for something to “kill 200 people” in a Walmart, prompting the frightened employee to call the police.

They eventually tracked down the anti-gun “activist”, who made a statement: the“activist” was motivated by seeing a “white-nationalist-looking guy” buying a gun in the store, who was undoubtedly a normal guy legally purchasing a weapon and minding his own business.

Larry Elder blasted Don Lemon about the reality of “white supremacy”, smashing the leftist media’s divisive and dangerous rhetoric with the facts.

But whilecelebrities lament their whiteness and blame violence on Trump, Hollywood literally made a movie about killing Trump supporters that’s so far past the line it might get pulled.

To bring it on home, Democrats unveil plans to combat “white nationalist gun violence”, which undoubtedly means more demonization of masculinity, red flag laws, censorship, and billions of taxpayer dollars spent on chasing boogeymen.

Biden Setting Himself Up For Loss With Embarrassing Speeches

Biden bungled his Iowa speech on Thursday in a low-energy performance to a less-than-enthused crowd, and it looks like his prospects as the Establishment’s pick might be in jeopardy. 

Speaking to a different Iowa crowd later, Biden implied white kids were rich and brown kids were poor in a terribly-worded line that he probably didn’t mean to say…or did he? 

While mingling with the crowd, Biden was asked why he misquoted Trump saying neo-nazis were fine people, and he doubled down on the lie. 

Firearms owners are certainly not receptive to him, and gun groups are warning that Biden says he’s coming for the guns and isn’t sorry about it.

Gearing Up For Extreme Censorship, Facebook Patents Shadow-Banning

A recent report reveals that Facebook patented shadow-banning capabilities as early as 2015, despite hot air and denials from tech oligarchs. 

Twitter admitted sharing data in yet another encroachment on privacy and freedom as Big Tech shows itself to be the arm of the corporatocracy. 

O’Rourke called for MORE censorship of conservative views that he labels as “hate speech” and links to “white supremacist” President Trump—proving that attacks on Trump and “white supremacy” are just attacks on the American people.