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De Blasio’s Priorities: “Desegregation”, Illegals, Drag Queens, & Abortion

August 28, 2019 1 min read

De Blasio’s Priorities: “Desegregation”, Illegals, Drag Queens, & Abortion

De Blasio’s Priorities: “Desegregation”, Illegals, Drag Queens, & Abortion

Democrat presidential candidate and NYC mayor Bill de Blasio wants to eliminate schools for gifted students because of racial gaps in another example of trying to force equal outcomes where equal opportunity already exists.

After the firing of Daniel Pantaleo for his role in Eric Garner’s death,NYPD beat cops say de Blasio doesn’t have their backs as they speak out about the uncomfortable “shift” to policy non-enforcement driven by politically correct progressive rhetoric.

According to Charlie Kirk, the NYPD ignored almost 3,000 ICE detainers under de Blasio’s sanctuary policy, leaving 3,000 untraceable foreign nationals wandering around unidentified in NYC alone.

To make life easier forthese illegally present foreign nationals, de Blasio just changed housing requirements to accommodate illegal immigrants, eliminating the need for even basic identification.

After the most votes for a statue dedication went to an Italian-American saint,de Blasio’s wife ignored the vote for the nun and went with drag queens & an abortionist instead, more appropriately representing NYC’s current values.