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Democrats Flew Into A Ukrainian Flytrap

September 26, 2019 1 min read

Democrats Flew Into A Ukrainian Flytrap

Democrats Flew Into A Ukrainian Flytrap

Ukraine’s president has Trump’s back, and attested that he didn’t feel any pressure during the phone call, the transcripts of which have now been released.

It bears repeating that this whole situation stems from Joe Biden’s open testimony that he extorted Ukraine by dangling aid funds, and did so with impunity, but it seems to be backfiring.

Given all the Democrats’ lamebrain calls for impeachment, we’re not sure if this is actually satire or not. We might need Snopes to fact-check it for us.

Because projection is their Achilles’ heel, they’re completely ignoring the fact that a Michigan Democrat is facing felony charges for election fraud—which is an actual crime.