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DHS Declares ‘Catch & Release’ Is Ending

September 25, 2019 1 min read

DHS Declares ‘Catch & Release’ Is Ending

DHS Declares ‘Catch & Release’ Is Ending

Declaring an end to the horrific ‘catch & release’ policy, the Department of Homeland Security announced it will no longer release illegals into the interior of our country, which is long overdue.

While the media slanders a U.S. farmer for speaking out against the much-acclaimed “transformation” of our country, fake news inadvertently exposed the outrageous chain migration scam in Minnesota that’s rapidly flooding the area with poor Central Americans reliant on the local taxpayers for living costs.

Speaking at a hearing with lawmakers, a Border Patrol rep says they discovered at least 6,100 cases of illegitimate “family units”, the process whereby traffickers and smugglers use children to exploit our immigration policy.