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September 02, 2019 1 min read

Extra-Constitutional Gun Crackdowns Ramping Up Across The Country

After seeing law enforcement fail to wrangle leftist terrorists, an ex-Marine got red-flagged for tough-talk towards Antifa, and now he’s had his 2nd amendment rights stripped and guns taken.

In another case, a historic weapons collection will be destroyed after a son told police he was worried about his dad, so rather than help, the police confiscated the weapons and plan to destroy them.

A Colorado teen is suspended from school for going to the shooting range with his mom after he was reported as a “threat”, and the kicker is he can’t even do his schoolwork at home while waiting for his kangaroo court hearing.

Vineland, NJ is denying ICE the right to do their firearms qualification in their city for fear of alarming the illegals, so one outspoken gun range operator is inviting ICE to train for free at his place.

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