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“Green” Energy & “Green Activists” Trash The Planet

September 26, 2019 1 min read

“Green” Energy & “Green Activists” Trash The Planet

“Green” Energy & “Green Activists” Trash The Planet

As reported only by dissidents of the climate alarmism hoax, billions of birds died from wind and solar energy systems, and this author breaks down the gruesome details of how so-called green energy is devastating bird numbers in a scary way.

The climate alarmists we’re dubbing The Hystericals left mountains of trash behind after protesting for “action” on climate change, completely missing the irony of their own manipulation for political gain.

Part of a new pilot program in California, a Tesla police cruiser’s battery died during a high-speed chase, and the suspect managed to get away.

The internet is still laughing at her theatrics, but there’s serious concern for Greta’s mental health, and many are wondering what her Antifa-linked parents are putting her through.