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September 03, 2019 1 min read

Inter-Agency Effort Busts Mexican Drug Traffickers With Lethal Drugs In NJ

Court papers released last week show that Mexican illegals busted in NJ had 22 pounds of heroin & 14,000 fentanyl pills in addition to other paraphernalia, exposing the scary and concrete danger of a porous southern border, and by default, the liberals who push for it.

As it keeps being supplied by China & trafficked by Mexico, fentanyl is transforming the drug trade at the border in a terrifying way, and Americans are dying in greater numbers than ever before.

Proving that liberals don’t believe in gun control for illegal immigrants, the gun charge against Kate Steinle’s killer was overturned last week, prompting outrage as law-abiding Americans have their 2nd amendment rights stripped. 

Ever the sole voice of reason in clown world, Ann Coulter perfectly nails it on our self-destructive immigration policy with a scathing illumination of the flagrant hypocrisy of the left.  

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