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August 23, 2019 1 min read

Mother Wants Drs. To Help Her Suddenly “Trans” Son: They Tell Her It’s Illegal To

A New Jersey mother is livid after her 19-year-old son suddenly started believing he’s “transgender”, and his Rutgers University therapist told her that helping confused children understand their gender is illegal under laws banning “conversion therapy”, even for those who want it! Orwell himself would be shocked at this point. 

The more that sane people push back against this madness, the harder it gets pushed. A Florida teacher was forced to undergo “counseling” after refusing to use a student’s “preferred pronouns”, and now he faces backlash from the Alphabet Gang.

AnObama-era judge forced taxpayers to fund sex-change operations for low-income residents on the state healthcare system, citing that a double-mastectomy was a medically necessary procedure for a young woman with dysmorphia. 

former Jeopardy contestant says children need to be exposed to “kink” at Pride parades and that hetero-normativity is the real problem, but ofcourse none of these comments violated Twitter’s “Terms of Service”.

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