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September 04, 2019 1 min read

President Trump Tells Loser Sadiq Khan To Mind His Own Business 

Trump roasted the mayor of Londonistan after he criticized the President for playing golf, but thankfully Trump isn’t one to get pushed around by one of the worst mayors of all time.

Trump isn’t the only one wondering why the London mayor is throwing weak jabs when Khan’s London has an earth-shattering number of knife crimes, and the English city surpassed NYC’s homicide rate last year. 

Khan is now an eternal meme after “part and parcel” comments several years ago where he tried to convince us that terrorism was just something we needed to accept because it’s better to be stabbed to death than a “fascist”. 

The U.K. has fallen far into the clutches of globalism, and opposition leaders dealt a blow to Johnson & Brexit yesterday as they continue to deny the people’s motion to leave the E.U. 

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