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August 23, 2019 1 min read

“Pressured To Die”: Disabled Man Euthanized For Lack Of Funds 

Where’s washed-up, drugged-out, foul-mouthed actor Jim Carrey when you need him? A Canadian man with ALS received an assisted suicide from the state after they denied him the full care he required because the magical state-run healthcare system will happily pay for you to die.

In yet another case of what’s known as “medical kidnapping”, a young tween was taken & is being forced into having invasive surgery despite the family’s preference for alternative treatments, highlighting the very real consequences of the government having a say over your treatment.

What’s important is breaking down the imminent danger that socialized medicine represents, and remembering that every single Democrat candidate wants Death Panels to decide whether you or your family members are worth shelling out the dough to keep alive.

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