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September 09, 2019 1 min read

Sick Psycho Mayor Pete Endorses Post-Natal Infanticide

In an interview with a black NYC radio station, Indiana mayor & 2020 Democrat long-shot Pete Butti-gag endorsed killing babies after their first breath in a pathetic attempt to pander to his Democrat base.

Following the sickening & sociopathic comments, the brother of Buttigieg’s domestic partner says he needs to repent as he called out Mayor Pete for twisting and exploiting Christianity for political gain.

After a frightening look at what climate alarmists have planned for us, Tucker exposes Mayor Pete’s climate hypocrisy after he called it a "sin” to object to his globalist agenda masquerading as concern for the environment.

But killing your babies isn’t enough to stop climate change; now a European labcoat wants to liberate us from the taboo of cannibalism, joining prominent atheist Richard Dawkins in calls for human/synthetic mystery meats.

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