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September 09, 2019 1 min read

Things Aren’t Looking Too Hot For Prince Andrew As Epstein Scandal Mounts

News broke last week that Prince Andrew was disinvited from an event for fear of “tainting” it as more information comes to light about his relationship with the disappeared pimp Epstein.

More information came to light that Jeffrey Epstein & Harvey Weinstein were guests at Prince Andrew’s daughter’s party, obviously preying for more unsuspecting victims.

Because no entity seemed to be out of Epstein’s reach, the MIT lab chief was forced to resign after ties to Epstein’s cash, and one could only imagine what kind of high tech date rape drug Epstein was paying him to create.

Ann Coulter nails it once again on the left’s affinity for sexual deviants, but we think the flattering Netflix special is a lot closer than 20 years away.

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