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August 21, 2019 1 min read

Trump Administration Taking Stance Against Transgender Radicals

Leftists are up in arms after trump's DOJ formally opposed the EEOC regarding a case of alleged discrimination for “transitioning”, and many are looking forward to how this will develop. 

After this information was made public, Elizabeth Warren vowed to “fight with everything we’ve got” against the administration in a crusade to further erode the rights of Americans to live in reality.

Maryland judge ruled against Trump on his military transgender ban yesterday, allowing a lawsuit against the Administration by banned persons to proceed.

Brazilian-waxed-pool-party-pedo brazenly assaulted a journalist from Rebel Media heroically tracking down this sick puppy to inquire as to why he sexually harasses little girls. 

In a shocking Tweet glossed over by the media, a failed Democrat candidate said she wanted to kidnap, molest, and starve children of anyone who she deems to be guilty of thoughtcrime, which we can safely assume to be anyone who supports Trump.

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