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August 23, 2019 1 min read

Trump Taking On The Opioid Crisis As A Mexican Judge Approves Cocaine Use

In the latest from our fine neighbors to the South, a judge is allowing two individuals to use recreational cocaine as a step toward legalizing drugs, a goal touted by Mexico’s far-left president.

Trump is sending his big dogs to China to demand answers as his administration officially takes on fentanyl traffickers, just weeks after the President called out China’s leader for not doing more on the issue.

As a testimony to the absurdity of DACA,over 4,600 illegal immigrants with drug charges were approved for DACA, according to the Washington Times, as well as over 21,000 with DUIs, and even some charged with murder, but the Democrats think that some DACA recipients being in college offsets the massive criminal impact on our society.

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