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August 22, 2019 1 min read

Twitter Silences Conservatives While Giving Communist China A Voice

Newfound buddies of Big Tech, China’s state media ran ads on Twitter to debunk Hong Kong rhetoric, begging the question of how to open Communists are considered less offensive to the tech dweebs than run-of-the-mill conservatives. 

Professional baby Rashida Tlaib illegally blocked Steven Crowder on Twitter, prompting an embarrassing correction when contacted by Crowder’s lawyers. 

Ted Cruz put Tech bias on blast following reports cited this week by Trump himself about how Tech companies tried to sway the election for Hillary, just highlighting the urgency with which Americans voted on a never-Hillary platform. 

In the midst of dishonesty by media companies and an outright agenda to merge Big Tech into full-on Big Brother, Ann Coulter writes a scathing dissection of the New York Times that’s worthy of a slow clap.

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