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August 21, 2019 1 min read

White House Going Full Steam Ahead Using AOC+3 Against The Dems

Doubling down on her hallmark anti-white hatred, AOC called the Electoral College a “scam”, claiming it prioritizes “white voters”…making it clear that she’s part of the same machine behind the NYT’s dangerous shift to the “white supremacy” narrative.

Making remarks to the press, Trump slammed “Talib’s” insincerity and recalled her violent, unstable behavior he’d witnessed at one of his rallies before she stumbled her way into Congress.

AWhite House spokesperson perfectly sums up how they’re using our government for their foreign agenda; namely, to bolster their side in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and not simply to genuinely scrutinize the billions in foreign aid given to a plethora of countries—some of which Trump rightfully cut.

Trump also took to Twitter to make Democrats take ownership of AOC+3 & their agenda, reinforcing them as the “new face of the Democrat party”in an effort to capitalize off their hatred come election time.

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